Working with kids always a tough job & particularly on green screen where kids have no reference point to interact. WAM Films & the 4 smart kids conspired together to bring you a beautiful & fun spot. The big idea from the agency was challenging. WAM Films visualised a treatment, which has not been done before, A Marshmallow world so eye catching that our kid audience would want to travel to. Proud to present a unique experience & an amazing Candy Land Marshmallow world after a journey of countless meeting sessions, long discussion, references & sketches with the team of animators & art director.

Undoubtedly the finest director we have in the country He can make anyone act including a bowl or pasta or a pack of achaar, he is a genius!

His working ethics are professional and adept. He provides attention to detail and has a thorough sight of the project through all stages.

Waqas brings a unique sensibility to his films, he has an ability to see the world as it is and yet transform it into a world that we would want to be a part of.

It was like watching master chef behind the camera who looks at everything from a unique lens A good friend & a Great director to work with.

WAMFilms is one of the the most thorough, focused & meticulous production houses in Pakistan.

WAMFilms are true professionals who leave egos at the door and only bring support & brilliance to board rooms & film set.

I have come to a conclusion that WAM Films is the perfect choice for best TVC’s production.

Waqas’s strength is in being able to capture the finer nuances of reality and weave the fabric of society within the narrative of the TV commercial to make it more authentic and relatable.

Waqas is professional Director & Producer we highly recommend him for any project that you are considering.

Waqas & asif has been of the most professionally enriching experiences and the result speaks for them.

Thoroughly professional and at the top of their game, that’s WAMFilms for you. An absolute pleasure to work with! All the best team WAM.



Waqas Ahmed

Director / President

WAQAS AHMED looks continuously for innovations whether it’s food that entices and appears appetizing, a hint of humor that registers and lingers on in the memory of viewers or directing children who express themselves admirably.

Asif Khan

Head Of Production / Director

ASIF KHAN’S keen sense for budgeting, creativity & stringent attention to detail ensures that clients get exactly what they are looking for.


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Phase VI, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan


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